Tesla unveils autopilot system, cars change lanes themselves

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Tesla unveils autopilot system, cars change lanes themselves
26 Oct

Tesla unveils autopilot system, cars change lanes themselves

Tesla Motors Model S sedans will have the capacity to direct and stop themselves under specific conditions, the car maker said, that drivers should keep holding the steering wheel.

Tesla said that New autopilot features, designed for cars assembled after September 2014 and would be accessible for customers in the United States. European as well as Asian proprietors must wait one more week. Tesla will give the features through an over-the-air update.

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Autopilot functionality was in full "hands-off" driving was not suggested. We're in effect particularly at this stage so we're advising drivers to keep their hands on the wheel. Correspondents who brought Model S cars with the new components for a test drive and took their hands off the wheel saw a notification saying "hold directing wheel" light up on the dashboard.
In more troublesome exploring conditions, a sound ready will go ahead and if that likewise is disregarded, the auto will moderate and in the long run stop, Tesla said. Tesla, Model X SUV, has been the US pioneer in luxury electric cars charged by batteries. Its ability in programming has made it a pioneer in self-driving features, which more conventional car makers have been slower to develop.

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