Honda to Start Honda CBR-650 Production in India

Honda to Start Honda CBR-650 Production in India
31 Aug

Honda to Start Honda CBR-650 Production in India

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Private Limited will begin production of its top sports motorcycle Honda CBR-650 in the nation from next year, a top Honda executive said. The Honda executive declares that from next year now Honda will start making CBR-650 in India. By this, we won't just open up the ability of our current manpower however it will also showcase the Honda India's assembling or manufacturing quality to the world," Vice President Mr. Y S Guleria told the reporters here on the sidelines of an establishment stone laying function for its upcoming plant at Vithalapur in district of Ahmedabad.

In any case, Honda is yet to settle the office it has in the country from where it will begin manufacturing Honda CBR-650. Other than the upcoming unit at Vithalapur, Honda has a sum of three plants in Haryana, Rajasthan and Karnataka. Mr Guleria said that the quantum is yet to be decided, about the capacity of the Vithalapur plant and we have not decided on units as numbers are too little or very high volume.

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Further he said that the Japanese auto purpose to start the making Honda CBR-650 bikes 'Make in India' commitment of the organization. Honda has additionally not settled the price for the sports bike for its Indian clients. Honda CBR-650 is 649 cc sports bike with the four-cylinder double overhead camshaft engine innovation and having the six-speed gearbox, according to the Honda.

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