Lambretta teases a new scooter for their comeback

Lambretta teases a new scooter for their comeback
11 May

Lambretta teases a new scooter for their comeback

The famous Italian scooter brand, Lambretta is ready to launch a fresh new scooter to perform their 70th anniversary. The Lambretta scooter was famous for its styling. It is set to enter the advanced arena once again with another new scooter L70.

This is going to be a 125cc bike with a CVT transmission. It's styling inputs from the Kiska group. This Austrian design group is popular for all KTM bikes. The new L70 scooter has been teased at first but the first introduction is entirely clear that it holds the first retro styling of the brand which will be its greatest USP.

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Remembering the new age the designing will see cutting edge styling components which will convey the fabulous brand nearer to the new generation. The best part will be the list of features to be incorporated into this new scooter which is set to match the brand Vespa.

It is extremely hard to say that the Lambretta has the Indian business sector in its hit list or not. In the event that they are wanting to think of another line-up of products, then it makes sense for them to enter our business sector as it has a potential for them, since India is a developing business sector for scooters that appreciates new styling with creativity.

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