Suzuki unveils the new Vitara S in India in Jan 2016

Suzuki unveils the new Vitara S in India in Jan 2016
14 Dec

Suzuki unveils the New Vitara S in India in Jan 2016

After the unveil of the New Vitara S this year, Suzuki has pulled the covers off the New Vitara S in India, which is good to go to hit the business sectors by January 2016. Suzuki Vitara S gets a great deal of extra trim compared to the standard model. This incorporates new 17-inch alloys wheels, another grille configuration, silver-sponsored back rear view mirrors, LED headlamps. It gets aluminum pedals as standard.

The primary features of the New Vitara S is the new motor engine that makes a big appearance in the car. It is the first Suzuki to utilize the new Booster jet motor engine. It utilizes the all new 1.4-liter, direct injection, turbocharged unit. Suzuki says that the new motor engine with its high torque turbo charging, guarantees a proficient and fun driving background.

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Joining the compact turbocharger straightforwardly to the cylinder head and incorporating the ventilation system into the cylinder head packaging are expected to ensure ideal gas stream and negligible warmth misfortune. This means that the turbo can run a pressure of 1.1 bar.
The motor can be optioned with either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed programmed. With the manual 'box, Suzuki is guaranteeing a 0-100kmph time of 10.2 seconds and a top rate of 200kmph. The auto will likewise get Suzuki's All grip four-wheel drive framework as standard fitment.

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