Tesla Rival Faraday Future Approved to Test Self-driving Cars

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Tesla Rival Faraday Future Approved to Test Self-driving Cars
27 Jun

Tesla's Rival Faraday Future Approved to Test Self-driving Cars

Faraday Future plans to start testing model self-driving electric vehicles on California roads after winning approval from the state. China supported Los Angeles based startup plans to start selling electric vehicles in the United States next year.

Faraday is one of a few Chinese-funded to challenge Tesla Motors in premium electric vehicles. Faraday Future has not provided a timetable to add self-driving capability to its vehicles such as Tesla Motors. According to the company's system Faraday has been testing model vehicles for the past year.

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Jan Becker the senior executive of automated driving at Faraday's tech centre declined to give specifics on the company's plans to include self-driving capacity. Automatic software updates like by Tesla.

California approved 13 companies to test autonomous vehicles on public roads. Most recently two Silicon Valley startups funded by venture investors. The Department of Motor Vehicles has approved testing by Cruise Automation. It was acquired earlier this year by General Motors. The other approved testers include Tesla, Volkswagen AG, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan Motor Co, BMW AG, Honda Motor Co, Alphabet Inc's Google and Ford Motor Co.

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