Volvo Concept 26 in Auto China 2016

Volvo Concept 26 in Auto China 2016
15 Jun

Volvo Concept 26 in Auto China 2016

The Volvo S90 Excellence’s interior, Volvo showcased an advance internal design view at Auto China 2016 Beijing Motor Show - the Volvo Concept 26.

The Volvo Concept 26, primary showcased at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show. This is a modification platform for Volvo’s autonomous vehicles. Volvo Concept 26 is the primary autonomous vehicle interior to have been create on a car’s platform on sale model.

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The Volvo Concept 26 rotate around the thinking that a person would love driving given there be classic driving conditions. The idea is to provide the easiest commute in regularly driving using free tech, mainly in traffic of metro cities, which not only saves time, but also defend the driver from stress and gives some time for relaxing and working on something significant.

There is a foldable tray, a portrait-mode tablet in the centre and 25-inch flat-screen monitor on the front side dashboard. The Volvo Concept 26 offers three modes to select from Drive, Create and Relax, each having a different provision for the driver.

The interior is adjusted that the driver can take over the vehicle’s control and drive it with possible distractions. The car takes over the control and allows the driver to select from a range of the seat configurations, table and screens to do what he wants like reading, working on some office work, or watch videos.

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