Bikes can carry cargo from April 2016

Bikes can carry cargo from April 2016
08 Dec

Bikes can carry cargo from April 2016

The owners of bikes can fit a box in their vehicles to convey any goods and medical aid. These two-wheelers will be fitted with light-weight boxes with light-weight boxes products. As per sources, bike products vehicles will must be 550 mm long and the permitted width will be 510 mm while the weight of every box could be 30kg.

The road transport service has issued a draft warning for the bike products vehicles. As indicated by the notice, pillion riders won't be permitted in motorcycles that are fitted with the boxes to convey cargo.

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Authorities likewise said that a board of trustees on settling the standards of vehicles has put its stamp on the bike 'ambulance' as a different classification of vehicles.The focus of presenting this kind of ambulance is to give emergency medical care to individuals in congested areas and crowded zones where any other ambulances can't reach.
This classification of ambulance is popular in US, UK, Australia and Sweden which can give first medical aid, however don't transport patients.

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